the Project

Visit Carlingford

The Customer



Visit Carlingford, a Tourism website based on the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic, first contacted us looking to breathe new life into their ageing website and modernise the site to fully leverage mobile browsing. The clients also required to keep some legacy software and integrate it fully into their new site, improve their methods for handling their online bookings and improve their customer flow.

The Challenge

As we sat down with the clients we discussed their overall objectives for the website and the new redesign their main concern was clear, that their website was not mobile friendly and they felt this was costing them business.

They wished for a new site that would preform equally well across all devices and help them fully engage with mobile customers visiting the area. Another concern was integrating legacy software their business relied on into the new design.

Our Solution

With the clients decisions made, we set to work preparing their website for the incoming changes.

The main goals we agreed upon were:

  • Major website redesign to fully leverage mobile browsing and modern habits.
  • Rework and simplify their customer booking process and work flow.
  • Integrating the required software into their new website.