the Project

Old Carrick Mill

The Customer



An artisan gin brand based in Ireland, Old Carrick Mill contacted us looking to create a brand the recognises the heritage of Carrickmacross, from which the brand takes its name. The Clients wanted to establish clear and unmistakable brand guidelines for the product and associated ranges.

The Challenge

As Old Carrick Mill is proudly artisan, and is a handcrafted product and the packaging should reflect that. We used old vintage styling which you would associate with americana outfits, the local mechanic or the local steel-mill.

Our Solution

Strong but delicate fonts. The accent of paint splashes and paper tears play homage to the rough and ready region of Ireland its tumultuous history. The brand has had every element designed from the glass bottle that holds this award winning gin to the type of cardboard boxes that store it. The brand celebrates the history of Crossmaglen in which the old poem “From Carrickmacross to Crossmaglen, you’ll find more rogues than honest men” is adorned across the view of Monaghan lakes nestled under a map of Ireland. The map of Carrickmacross to Crossmaglen is wrapped around the neck of the bottle, so every sip passes through the same roads and streets.