the Project

Aviation Training International

The Customer



A pilot and flight training centre, Aviation Training International helps students and new pilots begin their journey into the world of professional aviation. With expert tuition and experienced instructors, Aviation Training International make taking those first steps easier than ever before.

The Challenge

The overall goal was to help create a brand and establish a name in the highly competitive world of aviation training.

A major objective of this project was to streamline the initial hurdles facing those starting in the flight training industry, help ease students into the process with a “leg up” on their studies and offer a one-stop-shop for all their training needs on their way to their first commercial licence.

Our Solution

While creating the service catalogue, we discovered a problem facing new students was quite simply deciphering the jargon we worked closely with Aviation Training International’s Tutors and Instructors to simplify the wording and help newcomers get to grips with the jargon and acronym heavy world of aviation.