the Project

Primrose Lane

The Customer



Primrose Lane is a small boutique bakery located in County Louth. It’s owners first approached us looking for help marketing their business, to help increase their audience and reach new customers, and to help promote their business offering wedding cakes in a competitive market.

The Challenge

One of the biggest challenges, was making a home bakery business pay financially without compromising on the ingredients used. Primrose Lane does not compromise and the ability make a profit with prices that reflect the quality of the handmade bake while still getting customers both local and national to understand what they are getting before they get it.

Our Solution

When we first sat down with the client to discuss their options we settled on some design principles for their website moving forward. 

A clean and simple design was decided upon to give a less cluttered mobile experience and allowing the images of Primrose’s designs to take centre stage. This theme would be carried through to the social and print media giving the brand a uniform style across all channels.

Absolutely blown away bythe work of Candy Shop Digital, I constantly return to get other design work completed. They understand my business and what I am trying to achieve. I could not run my business without seeing them as an essential part of it
Primrose Lane OWNER