Instagram is an essential marketing tool whether you’re looking to create your own personal brand or connect with potential and current clients. But not all photos and hashtags are created equal. If you don’t take the time to curate your Instagram posts, you’ll end up lost in the crowd. If you really want to stand out, take the time to implement these ten Instagram optimization strategies.

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1. Ensure you complete your business profile.

This may seem obvious but in order for followers to fully engage with you they need to know who you are. Give a little intro into what it is you do and what services you provide. You don’t need to tell your life story; in fact it’s best to keep it short and sweet. If you have a website, make sure to include a link.

2. Keep your content fresh and interesting. 

Try and post original content this may seem obvious but the same social media etiquette applies here. If the content isn’t yours, be sure to cite your source or give credit to the owner.

3. Quality not quantity.

Instead of posting the same old posts over and over again, stand out from the crowd. Posting a steady stream of photos that are re-grams from others or tired quotes and clichés isn’t going to generate followers; in fact, it will drive them away.

4. Edit Your Photos. 

You can get your photos edited and you can even put your business logo on your images. We at Candyshop Digital use special software to edit photographs and create innovative imagery. Instagram lets you add filters and offers basic editing tools but don’t limit yourself to what’s in the app. There are also various Apps that allow you to edit you images.

5. Use Hashtags. 

It may seem simple but the easiest way to turn other users into followers is to use hashtags. It’s how users with common interests find each other. Unlike Facebook, the more hashtags the better; in fact, posts with eleven hashtags or more do best. Just make sure the tags are related to the photo – no one likes a bait and switch.

6. Engage with Followers. 

Make sure you connect with your followers. Even if you don’t follow all of them back, at least stop by their page and comment or like their photos. By engaging with them you demonstrate that you value them and they in turn are more likely to return the favor.

7. Be Genuine. 

Whether it’s your own personal account or one you’ve created for your business, curate your brand. Don’t try to imitate a celebrity or other top account – be unique. Stand out from the rest by being yourself, being real, and being genuine. If you are passionate about something like pretty packaging or maybe it’s sustainable packaging, let your followers know.

8. Be Kind. 

We all know someone on social media who is the online equivalent of a cloudy day or a clammy handshake. Everything they post is negative or makes you uncomfortable, because every post is designed to make you feel sorry for them. Don’t be that person or business.

9. Cross Post.

Instagram allows you to link your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr accounts and post directly from the app. There’s no need to post to each platform separately, though you’ll definitely want to edit the number of hashtags depending on which site you’re posting to.

10. Be Consistent. 

A big part of cultivating social media followers is by posting consistently. No one likes their feed to get blown up with twenty photos but then not see another post from you for a week. Whether you post 3 times a week, 7 days a week or twice a day. The key is consistency both in quality and in content. It’s better to post one or two great photos a day with relevant hashtags than ten mediocre photos with weak hashtags.

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